When the pavement ends, keep going... / by leslie nemec

A few weekends ago, I was honored to be able to photograph this sweet couple. They have a long history together, and wanted their family and friends surrounding them as they re-pledged their love in a sweet little country church in the middle of nowhere. Seriously, driving directions were “When the pavement ends, keep on going…” Their family welcomed each other (and us) as they packed in the quaint and tiny space. Tears were cried. Prayer and thanks were given. Cake was served. Hugs were doled out. A lifetime of love packed into a small building, on a dirt road, in the middle of nowhere.

Find that someone who will stay with you when the pavement ends and the road gets tough. Good things come on those dirt roads, if you just keep on going.

Congratulation, Pam & Keith! Here’s too many more adventures!